A fifty-something player recently tried his luck at the Fumades-Les-Bains casino. The jump made to the gambling establishment allowed him to win 20,000 euros on a first poker machine. Reckless, the winner decides to change poker machine, starting on the next one. This is how he won another gain of 20,000 euros. All of these gains come in just 10 minutes.

€ 20,000 First On The Machine Numbered 171

The fans of gambling in the city of Fumades-Les-Bains had a completely original story only a few days ago. The man at the heart of this story is just over 50 years old. Despite his half-century of age, we cannot say that games are the least of his worries.

It would also be wrong, because in terms of the game of chance, our guy is not doing badly. In any case, its recent news easily suggests that. The story takes place Wednesday the 13th of November in Fumades-Les-Bains, not far from Alès. Our 50-year-old man decides to go play a game of slots in the town’s casino. Arrived in the famous establishment, the player of the day adopts the idea of ​​playing a few games of poker. This is how he moved behind the poker machine, numbered 171.

After a few rounds of play, luck smiled on him. During this game, the player of the day draws a splendid straight flush of diamonds, armored with Aces. At the time, the fifty-something won the nice sum of € 20,000. This gain was already immense. But, obviously, it was not the kind of thing to give up on the player of the day.

20,000 € More A Few Moments Later On Machine Numbered 172

After some time, the man of about 50 decides to change machines. He goes to the poker machine numbered 172, which is located right next to the one that had just given him 20,000 euros. As if that weren’t enough, luck tore a smile from the 50-year-old player again. Indeed, against all odds and at the nose of chance, the player was again the holder of a straight flush. This time, the standings were different, since it was the Pique this time. Anyway, the newly won sum was also equal to 20,000 euros.

It was a real stroke of luck that the Fumades-Les-Bains casino experienced on November 23, 2019, especially for the lucky player of the day. Olivier Beuzelin, the director of the casino, affirms that this is the very first time that the establishment has recorded this kind of gain. 40,000 euros in just one day and in such a short time, for him, is “the improbable”.

It should be noted that the Fumades-Les-Bains casino belongs to the Omnium group. It has up to 75 slot machines, an electronic blackjack game, and an electronic roulette game. If we consider that the casino has only 7 Poker machines, we can conclude that the winner of the day could have tried the luck 5 more times. Who knows, maybe the other machines were about to pay 20,000 euros each.